Artist Statement

Far from being merely a complex mechanical apparatus, the camera has the inherent ability to become a powerful vehicle for personal expression. Because of its credibility and intrinsic believability, the photograph can present subject matter in the most distorted and exaggerated manner and still remain convincing. The photographer can lie by telling the truth and tell the truth by lying. Aided and abetted by the camera, the photographer can transcend appearances and present the viewer with a more deeply felt reality.  Light Painting Demonstration, Clark College 2011

Over the years my personal work has focused primarily on people and their emotional and intuitive responses to a variety of situations and places. I consider myself a “people” photographer and have always enjoyed the relationship between subject, photographer and viewer of the photographic image. I have continually explored new ways of seeing through the juxtaposition of gesture and arrested movement.

I consistently investigate old and new technologies, looking for image-making techniques that will allow me to create images that go beyond everyday reality. Although I am a teacher at heart, this constant exploration allows me to be a perpetual student and a life-long learner.


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